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About Us

At Go2Adventures we are passionate about south africa and our neighboring countries. We organize tours locally, internationally to various countries & to the indian ocean islands. Our aim is to provide you as our clients with a holiday you dream of and a holiday you will remember. We do our best to make sure our clients go back home with wonderful memories of our country. We take our knowledge in the industry, mix it with the needs and wants of our guests, to build you the perfect personalized holiday you want and dream of.

You will pay less booking through us as we get special rates due to our connections in the industry. We plan and book – you relax and enjoy.
We offer various Itineraries to choose from OR we create a tailor-made itinerary as per your request. You decide what you want and we make sure we offer this to you. You just pack up and come and enjoy your holiday.


  • We cater for the young and old, for tourist with a big budget or a small budget, whatever your needs, we will meet them.  We can offer anything from romantic / honeymoon itineraries to beach/bush holidays or just leisure holidays.  Whatever your need is, we make sure we arrange that for you.
  • We can book anything from a weekend away to a 2/4 week holiday for you.  You have the freedom to choose your own routing too or put together a routing from our suggestions on our website.
  • You set the parameters (budget; geography; timing; duration)
  • We prepare a trip outline
  • We finalize reservations and draw up an itinerary/program
  • We also offer set itineraries/packages that you can choose from.  There are various options, from 3-5 star
  • We also offer all inclusive packages, which allows you to enjoy your holiday stress free
  • We can tailor make any of our set itineraries to fit your budget
  • You set off on your Self Drive Adventure

How it works

very flexible and our aim is to give our clients what they want and need.

With our tailor-made option available, you complete our questionnaire by telling us what type of holiday you’re looking for, how many days you have available to travel, budget available, rooms required, special requirements, when you would like to travel etc. Based on your criteria and a one-on-one discussion (whether this is meeting you or via email/skype/zoom or any other platform), we will prepare and draw up an Itinerary for your approval. For a fixed fee, we will make all your booking reservations, prepare an itinerary / detailed program with supporting vouchers and travel information for you. This will make sure that you are ready for your self drive adventure!

We also offer the opportunity to book flights & car rental through us. With self drive tours and car rental you might be a little bit more hesitant than with a group tour. Maybe concerned about the road conditions or getting lost. We are here to put your mind at rest. We have knowledge of which routes are easy and manageable and easily accessible. Book now and create memories & leave footprints.

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Who we are

Go2Adventure owner - Sonja

Sonja Pretorius

Louis Pretorius

Go2Adventure owner - Louis

Go2Adventures is an owner run and managed business by husband and wife team, Louis and Sonja.  Sonja studied International Travel and Tourism and have worked in the Tourism Industry for over 12 Years. With the knowledge she acquired in the industry and the relationships she has built with many International Tour Operators and Local and International Hospitality Establishments, she decided to start this company.  With a passion for travel; exploring new places; different nationalities and creating memories, she is 100% involved in creating the perfect holiday for their clients.  With her connections in the Tourism Industry, she has added great value to the company to make sure all clients needs are met.  After finishing school and knowing she wanted to work with people and travelling, she first decided to explore the world herself.  She worked in The Netherlands for 2 Years and while there, she travelled to many places, including London; Brussels; Spain; France; Italy and Switzerland.  After returning to South Africa, she went to study International Travel and Tourism.  When she met her husband, they decided they will travel before settling down with kids.  They travelled to various countries where they made memories & met various people from different cultures.  They left their footprints in these countries;  Namibia, Vietnam, Phuket – Thailand, Krabi – Thailand, Germany, The Netherlands, London and the largest of the Balearic Islands, the beautiful Mallorca.  They have both travelled to many places within South Africa.  Louis has been working in retail for many years and has an eye for detail and designing, knowledge in budget planning and financing and his attention to customer service.  Transformation, growth and harmonious working environments are what drive him.  They haven’t travel everywhere, but it’s surely on their list.  They are both passionate about travelling and love to create packages their clients will take away with many memories.  Like they always say to people they meet; “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”