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At Go2Adventures we are passionate about South Africa & our neighbouring countries. We aim to provide our clients with a holiday they dream of and a holiday they can remember. We do our best to make sure our clients go back home with wonderful memories of our country. We take our knowledge in the industry, mix it with the needs and wants of our guests, to build you the perfect personalized holiday you want and dream of.

You will pay less booking through us as we get special rates due to our connections in the industry. We plan and book – you relax and enjoy.
We offer various routings to choose from OR we create a tailor made Itinerary as per your request. You decide what you want and we make sure we offer this to you. You just pack up and come and enjoy your holiday.

  • We cater for the young and old, for tourist with a big budget or a small budget, whatever your needs, we will meet them. We can offer anything from Romantic / Honeymoon Itineraries to Beach Holidays or just Leisure Holidays. Whatever your need is, we make sure we arrange that for you.
  • We can book anything from a weekend away to a 2/4 week holiday for you. You have the freedom to choose your own routing too or put together a routing from our suggestions on our Website.
  • You set the parameters (budget; geography; timing; duration)
  • We prepare a trip outline
  • We finalise reservations and draw up a Routing / program
  • You set off on your Self Drive Adventure